Andy and Chris Shaw

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Andy and Chris Shaw began performing acoustic gigs together in 2004, which quickly evolved into the full reggae-rock sound of the Andy Shaw Band. With the success of ASB the brothers have gone back to their roots to perform as an acoustic duo, bringing a folk flavor to their music. Andy and Chris have traveled the U.S., bringing their fresh, compelling sound to large and appreciative audiences.

As a solo act, Andy has been performing for more than 15 years in a variety of styles. He takes his lyrical taste and expressive voice to the next level. “The sound is an incredibly approachable tap into the reggae genre that is initially disguised by an almost alt-country feel and intense technical tightness, commanding audience respect, especially live…” (Dana Stewart, Metromix Columbus)

Chris is a multi-instrumentalist who picked up the guitar at age 18 and hasn’t stopped writing songs since.  His latest band project, Topher James and Biscuit Brigade, is gaining rapid regional popularity. An exploration of R&B, gospel, and groove, the band explores a style that Chris calls, “Art and Soul.” In 2009, he toured Europe playing fiddle in a country band.